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Target Wechat’s massive 1 billion userbase

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Mini programs are a kind of app that doesn’t need to be downloaded or installed to be used. They realise the dream that apps can be accessible everywhere. Users just scan or search to open the app. They ‘use it then go,’ you needn’t worry did you install too many apps. Apps can be absolutely everywhere, you can use them anytime, but you don’t need to install anything



Want to enter the Chinese digital space ?

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If you want to target WeChat’s massive 1 billion registered users, you have to start playing with the Chinese rules: sell through social commerce and start building your WeChat Mini Program. 

What is Mini Program?

WeChat’s mini-programs are ‘sub-applications’ that run within its messaging app. These mini-programs function similarly to major mobile iOS or Android application without any download required from the Apple or Android Store. These apps provide advanced features such as e-commerce, task management, games, reading news, and anything you can think off.

The Results

Increase Visit, Usage, and Retention to Your Business with Lower Cost.

  • Increase in Conversion rate 95% 95%
  • Increase in ROI 72% 72%


We will change the way you look at Digital Marketing


Your brand’s driver of success

Reasons you cannot miss out on building WeChat Mini Program


WeChat Integration & Convenience

Don’t have to download, install, or log in again if users leave! Your Mini Program can access the user’s WeChat account profiles and friends lists, and use WeChat Pay for purchases. 


High Ability to go Viral

Because they operate within China’s most popular social platform, your program is more likely to go viral because it can easily be shared among family, friends, and pop up in front of more eyeballs.


Affordable: Offer More for Less

It is cheaper to build compared to traditional applications and websites. Plus, you can safely assume that every Chinese user has a WeChat account and WeChat installed on their devices.


Advanced Add-on Features

When developing a Mini Program, advanced eCommerce features like Coupons, Giftcards, can be added to enable users to access, share with others, purchase and order products.

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