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Active and professional engagement is important. Showcasing the right content at the right time is vital. Have a chat with our Social Media expertise on how they can create verified and official TikTok/ WeChat account. 

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What are WeChat, TikTok Ads?

The messaging application, WeChat has divided their account into two type which are the subscription and service for business owner. Both type of account have different pros and cons. Setting up the right account is important. 

The video sharing platform, TikTok is used to create short duration video with different genre from comedy to education. TikTok has garnered millions of followers as the videos are easy to create and only able to hold the attention of users. 

The Results

 Get likes and shares. Build trust and relationship with your target Chinese audience. 

  • Increase in Conversion rate 95% 95%
  • Increase in ROI 72% 72%


We will change the way you look at Digital Marketing.


Target the world’s largest social-media market

Reasons you cannot miss out on doing Chinese Social Media Ads


Engage with your Chinese Followers

Not only do we help your brand grow more followers, but we also help you build trust and strong relationships with your audience.


Drive Traffic to your Chinese website

More followers on Chinese social media, more chances your Chinese followers will visit your website and become your customers. 


Boost your Leads and Sales

TikTok’s uses location based algorithm, connecting with prospects in your local area with videos and lost last impression, can brings new sales lead. 


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Build and set up a verified WeChat account with us. Then access the mini programs that brings many benefits. Click here to discover more.

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